Creamy Tomato Soup – No dairy

INGREDIENTS: 2 tablespoons clarified butter (Ghee) 1 large onion, peeled and chopped 4 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 28-ounce can of crushed or diced tomatoes 1.5 cups chicken stock (or vegetable stock) 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk 2 tbsp minced fresh basil + some for garnish 1 tbsp tomato paste 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar DIRECTIONS:... Continue Reading →

Potato Leek Soup

INGREDIENTS: - 3 leeks, cleaned and chopped with the dark green sections removed - 2 TBSP clarified butter (or Ghee) - 1 TSP kosher salt & 1 TSP ground pepper - 2 large Potatoes, peeled, cleaned and diced - 4 cups vegetable stock (or beef stock) DIRECTIONS: - melt butter in large stock pot -... Continue Reading →

Canada C3 Journey Application Video

Here I am applying to be a part of the EPIC Canada C3 Journey. Part of the application process is to submit a video explaining a bit about you and why you want to be a part of the expedition! Video Requirements: Name, Location, Interests, Passions, why you want to join the Expedition Note: Sorry... Continue Reading →

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